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Strengthening the EU’s Human Rights Toolbox: A more effective framework

European Parliament - ASP 3G3


3:00 pm

Strengthening the EU’s Human Rights Toolbox: A more effective framework

On next Thursday 13th October 2022, from 15.00 to 17.00, the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats (S&D Group) is organizing at my proposal a public workshop on ‘Strengthening the EU’s Human Rights Toolbox: A more effective framework’.

The workshop aims to provide Members of the European Parliament (EP), stakeholders and all those people interested in the protection of Human Rights worldwide a platform for open dialogue and exchange for relaunching the discussion inside the EP on the importance of strengthening the EU’s Human Rights Toolbox. Furthermore, it will allow us to debate the EU’s policy coherence and effectiveness on human rights and the role of the European Parliament in re-orienting and implementing the EU human rights approach in the context of the EU external policies.

The workshop will be structured in two panels:

  1. The EU Human rights-based approach: Introduction into the updated toolbox – with the participation of several academics;
  2. The EU Human Rights policy: from advocacy to action – with the participation of several representatives of the human rights organizations.

The event is now live at

The registration form is open too:

Check out the Draft Agenda Strengthening EU Human Rights Toolbox A more effective framework

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